Our reliance as users on our Computers/Tablets/Mobile Devices has increased over the years, even though the price of individual items has been considerably reduced over the recent period the amount of dollars spent in this area is ever increasing. Getting the right advice, products and support is paramount to businesses maintaining their effectiveness in all seasons of business. Let ONES4TECH assist you with your technology needs. Whether it’s an individual Desktop PC or Laptop/Notebook right through to Servers.  We can supply the products and the required service.

Most people regularly service their car because they understand the benefits of a reliable car, It has been said not having access to your data and or emails is in the top ten most stressful experiences in life. Reduce the risk of unwanted downtime by having regular servicing of your Laptops, PCs and Servers. Lock in ONES4TECH as your IT Department schedule a bi annual or annual servicing and let us advise on upgrades, succession planning and Computer disaster recovery planning.

Is your computer performing as well as it could do? is an underperforming PC reducing your efficiency? drop your PC off for a Speed Test, sometimes a simple mini upgrade can give a valued improvement.