What We Do

Managed Anti-Virus

The ONES4TECH Managed Anti-Virus service provides you with peace of mind for your IT equipment.

IT Support

Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we developed our à la carte IT support program.

Computer Repairs

Ones4Tech understands that not everything goes to plan. This is where we can step in, assisting you to ensure your systems are operational.

Cloud Backup Australia

After the initial setup of ONES4TECH Cloud Backup’s client-side backup application, backup jobs will be run automatically every day without requiring human effort.


Even though we have more things in a digital format, there has never been less demand for a quality business printing and scanning solution.

Virtual Private Servers

ONES4TECH VPS leads Australia in the latest technology. Offering SSD standard, dedicated RAM, premium services.

Managed IT Service

Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than your computer network. Have ONES4TECH be your IT Department with pre-emptive monitoring.

Business Servers

We also have experience in systems designed for POS (Point of Sale), Medical and Corporate Systems.

Wireless Networking

We can help design, install and configure wireless solutions to meet your needs.

Computer Hardware

Need a new Office PC, Laptop or Tablet? call us today for a quote.

Zero Trust Computing

Zero trust computing is now the most efffective defence against malicious activity. Today is not too late to improve your security

Software Subscription

Software now mostly comes as an annual subscription. Why not order your subscription software through ONES4TECH

Ones4Tech Business IT Solutions

Regardless of if you run a business from a home office, or run a corporate office with numerous staff, having an IT company that can support you with your new hardware supply and everything else IT is essential.  We keep the nerd speak to a minimum (denerdifiers is what we call ourselves) and we get on with the job of keeping your IT runnung right so you can concentrate on what makes you money and that is your core business.  Business IT Solutions are our core business.

Ones4Tech Business IT Solutions

Business Solutions

Residential Services

Web Services