Data Recovery

Kelmscott Data Recovery

Losing data can be one of the worst things that can happen to a computer user, we pay special attention to all of our customers to make sure we can provide the best and most affordable data recovery services around.

If our staff are unable to recover the data, we have strategic alliances with forensic data recovery specialists that we can refer you to.

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Physical Hardware Failure

  • Power surge/spike
  • Being dropped
  • Power interruption/failure
  • Data corruption
  • Fluid contamination
  • Fires, floods, other disasters

Logical Software Failure

  • Anything that stops the computer starting correctly
  • Software application bugs and errors
  • Power interrupt/failures
  • Incorrect shutdowns
  • Data being overwritten

Human Error

  • Accidentally deleting files
  • Re-installed operating system
  • Deleted partition or logical volumes
  • Accidentally reformatting
  • Overwriting data files