Ones4Tech Wireless Networking

We can help design, install and configure wireless solutions to meet your needs. We can create a point to point between buildings, a network for your office equipment or a guest solution for your customers to enjoy the internet in your business. We use Ubiquiti gear that is both reliable and at a price point hard to beat.

With the Guest Wireless Solutions, we can configure voucher based systems to allow ‘guest only’ access or setup an automatic payment system for guests. If you choose, the system can also be configured to operate through your current internet connection, while keeping your business systems secure.

We can host the management portal for the guest Wi-Fi, so all you need is a wireless access point installed at your location.

Common Deployments

Secured and open wireless access for mixed

  • Environments
  • Point to Point
  • Hotel Hotspots
  • Café Hotspots
  • Office wide Wireless
  • Point to multi point


Other Services

Managed Anti-Virus

The ONES4TECH Managed Anti-Virus service provides you with peace of mind for your IT equipment.

IT Support

Your technology needs to be as flexible as your business, so we developed our à la carte IT support program.

Computer Repairs

Ones4Tech understands that not everything goes to plan. This is where we can step in, assisting you to ensure your systems are operational.

Cloud Backup Australia

After the initial setup of ONES4TECH Cloud Backup’s client-side backup application, backup jobs will be run automatically every day without requiring human effort.