Ones4Tech Printer Repair

We are an authorised EPSON service agent, and we carry out repairs under and out of warranty for all consumer EPSON Inkjet Printers and Docket Printers.

Warranty Repairs

If you currently have an EPSON printer under warranty with any of the following issues, once approved by Epson we will repair it at no charge (proof of purchase may be required).

  • Poor Print Quality -Blocked print heads
  • Scanner Issues
  • Error/Fault codes
  • Power Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Paper feed issues

Out-Of-Warranty Repairs

If you have a printer no longer under warranty or the printing device has malfunctioned due to a non-warrantable event, we offer the following services:

  • Inkjet & Laser General Servicing
  • Ink Absorber/Pad Replacement
  • Print Head Cleaning & Replacements
  • Roller Cleaning & Replacements
  • Paper Jam & Paper Feed Repairs
  • Error Code Diagnosis & Repair

ONES4TECH values the environment and so instead of throwing your printer away, why not give us a call to find out how much it costs to repair. That way you can make use of all those spare cartridges that you purchased that re in the drawer but wont work on any new printer and feel good about ding your bit for the planet. The repair might be cheaper than you thought.


Other Services

Monitored Anti Virus

At ONES4TECH we offer various solutions to Protect your computer, we offer managed and stand alone solutions.

Power Jack Repair

Laptop not charging? Not turning on? If your laptop won’t charge, the dc jack is loose, your laptop will only charge if you hold the cord at a special angle.

Data Recovery

Losing data can be one of the worst things that can happen to a computer user, we pay special attention to all of our customers to make sure.


Take your PC, Laptop and Mobile device to the next level with a great Printer or MFC device. We also supply the consumables for your device. Call us today!