Ones4Tech Software Subscriptions

Subscriptions products provided by Microsoft from Azure, Exchange through to Server. Microsoft 365 with Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneDrive

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Dropbox has been the premiere cloud storage provider from the beginning

ONES4TECH can support you with the Business Level products with the Dropbox Standard Edition (3 user MOQ) and the Dropbox Advanced Edition (3 user MOQ)

Unfortunately, we cannot supply the single-user Home or SOHO products these are only available directly through Dropbox

Remotely access your office PC remotely, whether this is for a short period whilst on Holiday or for regular work from home scenario ONES4TECH can provide you with access to software to facilitate this.


Other Services

Managed Anti-Virus

The ONES4TECH Managed Anti-Virus service provides you with peace of mind for your IT equipment.

Wireless Networking

We can help design, install and configure wireless solutions to meet your needs.

Computer Repairs

Ones4Tech understands that not everything goes to plan. This is where we can step in, assisting you to ensure your systems are operational.

Cloud Backup Australia

After the initial setup of ONES4TECH Cloud Backup’s client-side backup application, backup jobs will be run automatically every day without requiring human effort.