Human interaction is difficult at the best times but add the dynamic that is modern internet dating now that’s a different story completely.

Having run a PC store for over 25 years, I have met a lot of people who have horror online dating stories ranging from sending all their money to a stranger overseas through to having an engagement ring, and planning a wedding to only find the groom was a fake profile and it was simply a scam.

I am certainly not a psychologist and am not trying to give behavioral advice, but I thought I would share some points that I have observed with the hope that it could help someone. I would also like to note that on most dating sites there are genuine legitimate people looking for a partner of some description.

Online Dating

Point 1

People lie about their age, location, gender and intentions.

Point 2

Dating sites only exist if you are on their site with an active profile with images and information, so they will do everything in their power to keep you there and actively adding to their revenue stream.

Point 3

Not all profiles are created by the person indicated by name details or images.

Point 4

In the art world they say the difference between an original and a fake is sometimes only distinguishable by multiple views and forensic analysis, the same applies to online dating.

Point 5

In any budding relationship there is the transfer of information, however in the age of identity theft you cannot be too forthcoming with information that could be stored on the “dark web” and then used by others to scam you.
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I am sure your head is hurting and you’re more puzzled about how or if to proceed with online dating but read on I have jotted some rules that may save you some headaches.

Rule # 1

Once an image or video is transmitted over the internet regardless of if it’s a phone or an internet connected device, including allowing for the various encryptions promised by the communications platforms it’s out there potentially for anyone to steal hack or misuse so be sure that if you send it that you’re happy for anyone to potentially see it. Be Net Safe.

Rule # 2

You need a wingman. This is someone who knows you well and can give you a decent perspective on what opportunity may be offered to you by a prospective dating partner. Buddy up.

Rule # 3

If it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is, people use dating platforms to chat about crypto currency, shares and trades and all sorts of non-related items which may or may not be a legitimate opportunity. So be wise.
Online Dating
Online Dating
Online Dating

Rule # 4

Dating candidates will ask for money for all sorts of medical emergencies, birthday gifts, natural emergencies, floods, famines, wars. These could be legitimate or illegitimate requests. So be prudent.

Rule # 5

The internet is full of people who have found true love and contentment with their partner that they once met in what is the torrid world of online dating. Be discerning.


If you do decide to send someone some money, when using money exchange services, they’re now very good at making you stop and click review with the “scam warning” to try and pause the brain and protect you from sending money as once it’s gone there is no way of retrieving it. It’s a gamble so be willing to lose that amount with nothing in return.

Try and train yourself on what could be true and what’s fake (use your wingman) Fake profiles/scammers will copy and paste chapters from erotic novels to get your guard down as your “emotions or endorphins switch off logic”!

Don’t let obstacles get to you and hinder you from finding happiness just, Be Net Safe, Buddy Up, Be Wise, Be Prudent and Be Discerning. Good luck with your online dating!